A Great Meal Starts with Fresh Ingredients!
We serve you like you're family and only the finest traditional ingredients will do.  Our breads are fresh baked and our food is delivered throughout the week so that you have the best and freshest food served.

You'll always enjoy a hot meal that's served right off the grill from restaurant or freshly prepared onsite for your catered event.

Whenever available, we buy our ingredients from local suppliers, many of them who use the best combination of traditions growing methods and organic approaches to food products.  Carefully selecting only the most flavorful vegetables, meats and cheeses is the start of a truly wonderful dish.  

In today's budget conscious environment, we know that dining our is a luxury for many.  We balance great food with smart and affordable pricing to make every one of your dollars count and go farther.  Although you'll find our prices below those of some of our competition, you'll never see us discount our food quality.  By running our restaurant and catering business for two generations, including through several economic recessions, we've learned how to manage our budgets and overhead in order to deliver your the highest quality without needing to raise our prices like most of our competitors.

Check out some of our great reviews from satisfied customers.  For our catering services, references are gladly furnished upon request.